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Employee Testimonials

What makes Dynamics a great place to work and what sets it apart from other therapy centres? Our employees share their testimonials and stories on what it is like to be part of the Dynamics family.

Lets take a look on what they say

At Dynamics, there is an immense potential to develop services. The open-mindedness of the management to explore new ventures has allowed me to develop Dynamics’ Home@Therapy services. The other aspect of my job that keeps me on my toes is the unique opportunity to design the Therapy tech app along with the Dynamics team. I look forward to greater successes in the coming years with the novel approaches that Dynamics undertakes.

Kalaiselvan Manoharan
Occupational Therapist

I hope that I can bring about some meaningful change in the lives of children I work with, and guide and support the parents as needed. In the process, I also hope to learn and grow myself, professionally as well as an individual. Dynamics is unique as it is a multidisciplinary place, with a collaborative approach that offers various solutions and services based on the need of the child. That translates to easier access to various services, and more effective programming for the child.

Harshita Bhatt
ABA Program Specialist

Offering psychological services to adults and families. Dynamics Therapy Group differs from other therapy centres in Singapore in that it is a well-established and professional multidisciplinary group.

Sonia Khodabakhsh
Clinical Psychologist

I was working for 10 years as International Purchaser. One day, I decided to quit my job for a career change and started to study nutrition as this field had always interested me. I now love my job, as it gives me great opportunity to bring happiness in other people’s lives – and that in turn gives me a sense of great accomplishment!

Cécile Le Minh

Being able to build rapport with my clients to ensure a fun and enjoyable therapy environment while still working towards communication goals!

Abigail Chan
Speech Therapist

Dynamics is a centre that has a wide variety of allied health services all accessible under one roof. Everyone working here is extremely devoted to their profession and we are always working towards achieving the best client outcomes.

Leong Huimin
Speech Therapist

People here at Dynamics are friendly and welcoming. Dynamics is a one-stop centre that offers a wide range of therapy options and where children can access different services in the same location.

Eva Chan
Speech Therapist

My greatest achievement is the privilege of making a difference in the lives of children and their families. I would recommend Dynamics to therapists who are looking to work within an established multi-disciplinary team who are professional, dedicated and friendly!

Esther Seow
Educational Psychologist

My greatest achievement at Dynamics has been hearing from parents that they are seeing a positive change in their child. I find it a huge achievement when a parent tells me their child who used to hate their handwriting is now feeling confident and enjoying it. My crowning achievement was a child telling me the only thing they looked forward to more than my sessions was going to Universal Studios!

Laikien Daggett
Occupational Therapist

In my stay so far, Dynamics has given me the opportunity to work closely in a multidisciplinary team to help both children and parents. My greatest achievement would be learning from the perspectives of other professionals and collaborating as a team to help parents realise how much potential their child can achieve in various aspects of their social lives.

Melanie Wee
Speech Therapist

Becoming a Principal Speech and Language Therapist in our department is a huge career goal for me. Being able to lead our department and support the other therapists in our team is truly a delight. Working at Dynamics has been a great decision for me, our company is multidisciplinary which as a therapist is a huge draw card. It means that clients can be referred easily to the therapy that they need. Furthermore, having a company that is supportive of continuing professional development has meant that I'm able to keep up-to-date with the latest research and evidence based practice in my field.

Melissa Monsted
Speech Therapist

It is incredible to work at Dynamics, as the team itself is very robust and there are a range of disciplines under the same company. As a therapist, it’s great to be able to work with, transfer and learn from other Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Educational Therapists. As a Speech and Language Therapist, it has been a great achievement to be able to provide client- centered and holistic treatment to children from ages 2 and above. It is such a fantastic feeling to see clients achieve their short and long term communication goals.

Tue Nguyen
Speech Therapist

It is an absolute pleasure working in a multidisciplinary therapy set-up like Dynamics. Liaising with other therapists adds to your understanding of the child and their issues. This in turn helps create a more tailored approach to therapy. It is a great place with an amazing work culture.

Shimpi Bhanot