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Melanie Wee

Melanie Wee

AHPC Registered
Master of Speech Pathology
BSc in Psychology
English, Mandarin

Melanie is a Speech and Language Therapist who is strongly motivated by the importance of giving a voice to children, helping them to communicate their needs to the world.

Melanie enjoys working with children and adolescents who have a range of abilities, including individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Down syndrome, with the aim of helping them flourish into young and confident individuals. She does this by developing customised learning goals and objectives that nurture and build upon their natural strengths. Melanie also strongly believes in family-based practice and is dedicated to collaborate with families to help them encourage their child’s development and achieve their goals.

Melanie has experience in the area of paediatric disabilities for both not-for-profits as well as private companies in Australia, including private clinics, preschools, mainstream and special schools. She has also gained independent experience working in clients' homes, and previously conducted therapy in one-to-one sessions, groups, and collaborated closely with parents, multi-disciplinary team members, teachers and education assistants.

A highlight of her career was spearheading a social inclusion programme for youths with Autism, which assisted in encouraging the development of their social skills and helping them to develop their friend and familial support structures.

She currently holds a Masters in Speech Pathology, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

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