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Cécile Le Minh

Cécile Le Minh

Degree in Dietetics
Fodmaps Diet for IBS
Monash University, Australia
Taste Education
Institut du Goût, France
Micronutrition & Microbioma
Patient-centered Education
Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies
Accredited Nutritionist
Registered Dietitian
Member of European Childhood Obesity Group
English, French

Cécile helps children and adults:

  • to enrich their quality of life and to optimise their health through nutrition
  • to cultivate a balanced and positive relationship with food
  • to start and strengthen enjoyable, stimulating and healthy eating habits

She is convinced that food has the incredible ability to transcend its function as a basic necessity. It has the power to create bonds between people and elicit a wide range of emotions within them.

Graduated in France in 2016, she has worked in hospitals and in private practice. She has experience in oncology (Oncodiet), cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (French Association of Cardiology, Paris Diabete), gastro-intestinal conditions, eating disorders and weight loss.

Her approach to nutrition is holistic, patient-centred, and integrated with its global and personal outlook.

After relocating to Singapore, she has promoted food education to children and adults through sensory food workshops.

Outside of work, she loves cooking, gardening and dancing. Her credo: eat happy!

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime"

  • Nutrition check-up #Mindful eating #Preventive nutrition
  • Child and teenager growth
  • Pregnancy #Fertility #Menopause
  • Healthy eaging
  • Loss of appetite #Loss of taste #Loss of smell
  • Weight #Gut health #Microbioma #Fodmaps #IBS #Immunity
  • Picky eaters #Eating disorders #Compulsive eating
  • Food shopping #Cooking #Food and Beverage Consulting

She does office, home and online consultation. Languages that she speaks are French and English.

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