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Speech Therapists

Victoria Hobbs

Abigail Chan

AHPC Registered
Bachelor of Speech Pathology
English, Mandarin

Abigail is a speech therapist who graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology). Abigail is passionate about working collaboratively with her clients and their significant others to achieve her client’s communicative best.

In Australia, Abigail was able to gain experience working with children with speech and language delays/disorders, stuttering, feeding difficulties, and social communication difficulties. She also worked with children with other conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Global Developmental Delay, and Hearing Impairment. She has conducted therapy for children from multicultural backgrounds, and across various settings including schools, communities, and private clinics.

Abigail believes in developing an individualised therapy program for each of her clients as they are all special and unique in their own ways. She is an advocate of family-centred practice and aims to ensure that therapy goals are aligned with the family’s desire and concerns for their child. Abigail is also committed to providing intervention in a fun and enjoyable manner to create a positive environment for her clients to learn in.

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