FOOD-Tasting TEAM-Building Workshop

Food Tasting & Team Building Workshop

Ms Cécile Le Minh (Sensory Food Educator & Nutritionist) serves up a buffet of fun and educational activities and practical nutritional tips at this delightful Workshop. Get ready to tuck into a multisensory experience of enjoying food using all your 5 senses — while interacting and bonding with your colleagues!

Call 6100 9235 or WhatsApp 9380 6207 to find out more!
You can also email us at or visit for more information.

Participant's Takeaway

  • Receive a mystery gift bag
  • Get to know your colleagues better
  • Insights into a healthy lifestyle
  • A greater appreciation for food
  • And more!

Ms. Cécile Le Minh

Cécile is dedicated to helping adults and children enrich their quality of life and optimise their health through nutrition and healthy eating habits.