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Nurshafiqah Latif

Nicole Loy

AHPC Registered
Master of Speech Pathology
English, Mandarin

Nicole is a registered Speech and Language Pathologist with extensive experience in addressing the unique needs of both children and adults facing complex communication and swallowing disabilities. Her professional journey has taken her across diverse settings in Australia, St Lucia, and Singapore, enriching her practice and perspective.

Nicole attained her Masters of Speech Pathology Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia, and has since demonstrated a commitment to excellence in her field. Her dedication is evident in her focus on supporting children with complex disabilities, where she has made a significant impact through her work in both urban and remote communities for non-profit organizations in Australia. Her passion extends globally, as she volunteered as a Speech and Language Therapist in St Lucia, providing invaluable paediatric speech therapy services. Nicole's multifaceted experience reflects her adaptability and dedication to enhancing the lives of those with diverse communication and feeding challenges.

Nicole specializes in addressing complex communication and feeding challenges in paediatric and adult populations, including Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, and Global Developmental Delay. She is skilled in assessing and providing evidence-based interventions for various communication difficulties, such as speech sound disorders (phonology, articulation, childhood apraxia of speech), language, fluency, social skills and supports children using Augmentative & Alternative Communication devices.

Nicole actively participates in professional development and remains current with the latest evidence-based intervention practices. She is committed to delivering specialized feeding services tailored to children and adults with mealtime and swallowing challenges. Leveraging her extensive training in Oral Placement Therapy, Sensory Motor Feeding therapy, Myofunctional Therapy, and experience in supporting tube weaning programs, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure comprehensive and effective care for clients and their families.

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