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Occupational Therapists

Tricia Hwam

Tricia Hwam

AHPC Registered
Bachelor of Applied Science (OT)
English and Mandarin

Tricia completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) at the University of Sydney and also has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from the University of Queensland. She has had clinical experience working with individuals ranging from children to older adults in hospital settings, private practices and kindergartens/schools in Australia and Singapore.

Driven by her love for children, Tricia takes pride in providing the most suitable child-centered therapy for children in a fun and enjoyable manner. She believes that children are like raw diamonds waiting to be polished. She hopes to provide them with the support that they need to shine as brightly as they can.

Each day and every child are unique in their own way. Tricia, an Occupational Therapist driven by self-motivation, is committed to assisting your child throughout their remarkable journey of life!

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