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10 Questions with our employee spotlight - Tricia Hwam

Tricia Hwam - Occupational Therapist
  1. What three traits define you?
    Optimistic, cheerful, caring.

  2. Coffee or Tea?
    Coffee - it’s a must-have every morning for me!

  3. What book or movie changed your life the most?
    A Chinese Cinderalla!

  4. Tell us something about you that will surprise us!
    I also have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the University of Queensland! I spent almost 10 years living in Australia where I gained clinical experience working in both hospital and private settings!

  5. You’ve been granted a one-way ticket to another country of your choice. Where are you going?
    I will definitely head to New York City! I love the vibe and energy of that city so much!

  6. What is the most used emoji on your phone right now?
    The smiley face emoji of course 😊. I like using it as I hope it will bring a smile to other people too!

  7. What are you passionate about, personally or professionally?
    Working with children and helping them reach their fullest potential is what drives me personally and professionally.

  8. What are 5 words you’d use to describe Dynamics Therapy Group?
    Passionate, Collaborative, Engaging, Efficient, Dynamic.

  9. What is your favourite thing about working as an Occupational Therapist?
    I get to meet different children everyday and believe it or not, they teach me new things everyday while I work with them! It’s definitely a life-changing experience!

  10. What do you hope to achieve at Dynamics, and what sets it apart from other therapy centres in Singapore?
    I hope to make therapy sessions as fun and engaging as possible to help a child shine as brightly as they can! Dynamics is an all in one therapy centre where you can find many different therapy services under one roof and our therapists are all extremely passionate about their jobs!