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Communication Skills Singapore

The skill to communicate effectively is a key ability, and has a direct relation with our quality of life. Children usually start communicating from the day they are born. As a child develops, it is imperative that we cultivate their communication skills so that they are capable of expressing themselves clearly and confidently.

A child will learn to communicate by observing and listening to their parents, and then copying their words and actions. The more parents communicate with their children, the earlier and quicker they will develop these communication skills. Also, good communication skills allow children to have a meaningful relationship with others and help them build friendships.

Teaching your child better communication skills is critical not only in their social growth and development. It can also help them achieve success in the future. Should you need to enhance your child’s communication skills, Dynamics has a Social Skills class that is individual or group based. We place great value on the importance of social and interpersonal skills in the development of children, and help hone these skills in our centre.

The services we offer are as follows

  • Social Skills Groups
    If your child needs help being part of a group, a weekly social skills group is a great place to build and practice skills.
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
    If your child requires intensive social skills instruction, we also provide individual therapy session, which help in providing a strong foundation.
  • Social Skills Assessments
    Should you need a detailed assessment about your child’s social skills, an assessment will provide an in-depth look.