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Apraxia of Speech Singapore

Apraxia is also referred to as Child Apraxia of Speech (CAS). It is a motor speech disorder where the brain has difficulty communicating to the different parts of the body, (that are used to produce speech), such as lips, tongue and jaw. It is key to note that Apraxia impacts on the speaker’s ability to coordinate and sequence their speech muscles.

Symptoms of Child Apraxia of Speech:

Children may begin displaying signs of CAS early on when they are infants and trying to communicate.

  • Child does not babble as an infant and his/her first words are late.
  • Child does not gesture appropriately.
  • Child has problems combining sounds.
  • Child may have long pauses between sounds.
  • Child simplifies words by replacing difficult sounds with easier ones.
  • Child may have problems while eating due to poor muscle control in the mouth


The focus of treatment at Dynamics usually involves improving the planning, sequencing and coordination of muscle movements for speech. Additionally, Speech Therapy is very important and research has substantiated that regular treatment is most effective, in order to make progress for the child.