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Story Writing Camp

Story Writing Camp

Is your child able to:

  • Hold the pencil and sit properly at the table?
  • Write simple short sentences?
  • Express and share his/her thoughts in a group setting?
  • Copy and spell mostly accurately?
  • Read simple chapter books?

Led by Educational Therapists and Occupational Therapists, the Story Writing Camp aims to develop every child's confidence in expressing themselves through the written word. Budding storytellers can look forward to building their story-writing skills through games, step-by-step instruction and multi-sensory activities during this 4-day camp.

Age Group: 7-10 years
Price : $500 per week
Date & Time: 21-24 November 10am-12pm and/or 12-15 December 1pm-3pm

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You can also email us at inquiry@dynamics.com.sg or visit www.edunamics.com.sg for more information.

The first of its kind run by our Handwriting Specialists and Educational Therapists, the Story Writing Camp targets specific skills your child needs, in a playful manner to help them advance their writing skills. Our camp aims for each child to build their own story of 60-120words by the end of the 4-day camp.

Specific skills targeted include:

  • Writing short, descriptive sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Practicing accuracy in spelling and common sight words.
  • Refining and organising ideas to develop more expressive writing across different themes and genres.
  • Using one hand for skilled use, with the other hand assisting and stabilizings.
  • Using the dominant hand for writing – to form basic strokes smoothly.
  • Recognition of forms, same and differences between shapes, give an accurate description of what is seen.
  • Recognition of letters or words in a left-right orientation.