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Mastermind Workshop: Autism

Breakthrough Challenges of Children with Autism

Join us for a unique experience with like minded parents. Here you will Learn how to Support Your Child on The Autism Spectrum.

Moderated and Facilitated by Yael Sasson, Clinical Director.

Workshop Date & Time

   5, 12, 19, 26 April, 6:00 PM

   3, 10 May, 6:00 PM

Call 6100 9235 or WhatsApp 9380 6207 to find out more!
You can also email us at inquiry@dynamics.com.sg

33% OFF for First 10 Signups & $150 vouchers

A one time offer for the first 10 participants!
From the comfort of your own home join us for a learning journey via Zoom sessions.

Regular price $600
First 10 participants discount $200
$50 voucher for your next Mastermind Package
$50 voucher for Speech Therapy
$50 voucher for Occupational Therapy

TOTAL $750 Now ONLY $400

at Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids should you choose to bring your child to one of our experts.

What is the Mastermind Workshop?

Mastermind is a unique group of people who share a common challenge and can enrich and help each other. The power is within the group by sharing knowledge and creating a safe space to share challenges you and your child or students are facing.

Be empowered by the group to change your approach and support your child with methods learned from the Mastermind workshop.

Who is the moderator of Mastermind?

The Moderator is your coach throughout this process. Yael Sasson is an expert Occupational Therapist with 19 years experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum and other challenges. She is a professional and a parent to a child with Social Communication Disorder, she has the passion and compassion to help every parent. She is the owner and Clinical Director of Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids and it’s affiliates.

What to Expect in Dynamics Mastermind, for parents to children with ASD?

  • Understand what Mastermind is and the unique process associated with it
  • Realize my current situation
  • Understand that a change of mindset can bring better results
  • Expert’s support
  • Learn strategies
  • Learn how to reduce my frustration when dealing with my child
  • Contribute from your own knowledge to other parents
  • Share and learn together, benefit from the power of the group
  • Work with your child and provide feedback in the next session
  • 6 sessions of Mastermind
  • Moderator will prepare topics to bring up each session if parents do not have any to raise
  • Daily log sheet to record successes and set back and strategies

A welcome email will be sent to you with a questionnaire and the daily log sheet after registration is confirmed.

Who Should Attend?

Parents, Caregivers or Educators to children with:

  • ASD
  • Communication Disorders
  • Suspected ASD

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33% OFF for First 10 Signups & $150 vouchers

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