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Know a child struggling in Math

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Are these challenges faced by your child?

  • Difficulties with Short and Long Term Memory and how number patterns relate to the learning of Number Bonds and Multiplication Tables.
  • Problems with sequencing and lack of understanding of basic concepts and real life application of Place Value/Decimals/Percentages/Fractions
  • Problems in understanding the language of Math and the vocabulary which links to Problem Solving

Edunamics has an individualized solution that will be customized specifically for your child.

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You can also email us at inquiry@dynamics.com.sg or visit www.edunamics.com.sg for more information.

Our Strategy

  • Develop an individualised program by giving both formal and informal assessments, tracking progress and adapting the program accordingly.
  • Help improve concentration, memory and attention.
  • Address behavior issues that may be caused by underlying learning and attention issues.
  • Teach organizational skills.
  • Engage and liaise with both parents and school.
  • To develop a variety of approaches to solving word problems such as through Visual and Model Representations

Our Maths curriculum is from preschool to leaving age within the contexts of the local school and the international systems.