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Speech Therapists

Lestari Maspolim

Lestari Maspolim

AHPC Registered
Bachelor of Psychology
Master of Speech & Language Pathology
English, Mandarin, Indonesian

Lestari is currently on maternity leave.
To book an appointment with an alternative therapist, please call +65 6100 9235

Lestari is a registered speech and language pathologist who graduated from the University of Sydney in Australia. She enjoys working with children and has a heart particularly for the special needs community.

Lestari was born in Jakarta but has lived, studied, and worked in Singapore for more than two decades now. She is able to converse in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia. She has previously worked at St. Andrew’s Autism Centre, managing adults with moderate to severe autism. In her time there, she has acquired a Certificate in Autism from the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) as well.

Lestari has supported toddlers and school-aged children within the school and community health settings in Sydney. She has experience in providing assessment and intervention across a range of speech and language practices, including children with autism and developmental delays. She also provided support to families through individualised home programs and worked with other professionals for a holistic approach.

Lestari believes in the potential of every child and strives to tailor her therapy sessions according to their needs, while making them fun and engaging for learning. Lestari also hopes to support every child by empowering and working collaboratively with parents, caregivers and other professionals across different settings.