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10 Questions with our employee spotlight - Pei Shan

Pei Shan - Occupational Therapist
  1. What three traits define you?
    Honest, Organized and Responsive.

  2. Coffee or Tea?
    Coffee…C Kosong, please!

  3. What book or movie changed your life the most?
    The movie that had the most profound impact on my life is Inside Out, which taught me the importance of confronting and managing my emotions rather than being fearful of them.

  4. Tell us something about you that will surprise us!
    Having previously worked as a preschool teacher for children with special needs, I was motivated to pursue a career in occupational therapy (OT) after being inspired by an OT at the same preschool.

  5. You’ve been granted a one-way ticket to another country of your choice. Where are you going?
    Maldives! Its pristine beaches, clear emerald water, sprawling greenery and fascinating landmarks are the best getaway for relaxation!

  6. What is the most used emoji on your phone right now?
    I love to exaggerate when it comes to text, so I like to use this: 😱

  7. What are you passionate about, personally or professionally?
    I am always looking forward to learning new things to improve my area of expertise in working with children with special needs.

  8. What are 5 words you’d use to describe Dynamics Therapy Group?
    Approachable, Inspiring, Inclusive, Lively and Nurturing.

  9. What is your favourite thing about working as an Occupational Therapist?
    When parents are equipped with the appropriate skills and help their children generalize learnings within their home environment.

  10. What do you hope to achieve at Dynamics, and what sets it apart from other therapy centres in Singapore?
    My goal at Dynamics is to develop my expertise in specific areas of occupational therapy, in order to better serve clients who require more targeted interventions. What sets Dynamics apart from other therapy centres in Singapore is its comprehensive range of therapy services, as well as its collaborative approach to working with other professionals to achieve positive outcomes for the children we serve.