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Vientiane International School (VIS) in Laos

Vientiane International School (VIS) in Laos

Dynamics Therapy Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment and intervention services to children with diverse learning needs. Recently, we partnered with Vientiane International School (VIS) in Laos to support students requiring specialized support.

Through a collaborative approach involving parents, teachers, and their experienced team, Dynamics Therapy Group aimed to empower students with the necessary skills to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

By conducting thorough assessments, developing tailored recommendations, and offering ongoing support, we worked towards helping each student reach their fullest potential.



Online consultations

  1. Conducted initial consultations with parents to gain a thorough understanding of children's needs
  2. Determined appropriate assessments required to address challenges effectively

Information gathering from school

  1. Collaborated with teachers in academic and non-academic settings to gather insights on students' performance
  2. Established a consistent snapshot of factors that may impact or affect students' learning and development

On-site evaluations and interventions

Working closely with students

  1. Experienced clinical psychologists led the assessment and intervention process
  2. Ensured accurate and professional evaluations while fostering a supportive and empathetic environment

Addressed various concerns such as academic delays, reading difficulties, sensory processing needs, etc.

Tailored assessments administered

  1. Cognitive assessments (WISC-V, WAIS-V)
  2. Academic ability tests (WIAT-IV, C-TOPP)
  3. Occupational therapy assessments (Sensory Profile 2 School Companion Questionnaire, VMI)
  4. Attention assessments (MOXO d-CPT, Conners' 4)
  5. ASD assessments (ADOS)

Development of tailored recommendations

  1. Careful analysis of assessment results to develop specific and tailored recommendations for each student
  2. Recommendations include counselling, educational therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and further assessments

Classroom strategies

Provided strategies and accommodations to support each student's unique needs

Emphasized collaboration

Collaborative approach involving parents, the school, and our team to ensure the best outcomes for students


In conclusion, Dynamics Therapy Group's collaboration with Vientiane International School (VIS) in Laos exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive support for students with diverse learning needs. Through a combination of online consultations, on-site evaluations, and tailored assessments, we gained a deep understanding of each student's challenges and strengths. With our experienced clinical psychologists and a range of assessment tools, we provided specific recommendations for educational, occupational, and speech and language therapy, as well as classroom strategies and accommodations. By fostering collaboration with parents, teachers, and the school, we ensured the effective implementation of interventions and ongoing support for the students. Dynamics Therapy Group is dedicated to empowering children to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. This vision shines through our holistic approach and commitment to helping each student reach their unique potential wherever they are in the world.