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UWC Thailand

UWC Thailand

Dynamics Therapy Group had the honor of collaborating with UWC Thailand International School in Phuket, Thailand. We provided psycho-educational assessments for their students, working closely with the school to determine the assessment requirements and effectively communicate with parents.



Psycho-educational Assessments

  • Conducted initial interviews with parents via tele-therapy sessions.
  • Gathered information from teachers through questionnaires.

On-Site Assessments

  • Traveled to Phuket and conducted assessments during school hours at the UWC premises.

Assessment Reports

  • Wrote comprehensive assessment psychology reports.
  • Shared reports with parents through tele-therapy feedback sessions.

Talk on Learning Difficulties

  • Delivered an informative session attended by teachers and parents.


Our collaboration with UWC Thailand International School exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality psycho-educational assessment services. We take pride in our ability to work closely with schools, parents, and students, providing valuable insights and support. Schools in the region can trust our expertise and successful track record in addressing students' needs.