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Issue 83 | May 2021
Choosing the right school for my child

Choosing the right school for my child

Choosing the right school for your child, is a crucial step for any parent. With many schools offering different environments, curriculums and teaching pedagogies, the experience can feel overwhelming.

DIS student writingIt is important for parents to look at specific schools to see what they have to offer. Parents can start by visiting schools, or using school guides or websites, which gives them an overview of the schools that are available and accessible to them. With the diversity in curriculums amongst schools, parents can begin to narrow down schools in accordance to their preferred curriculum. One of the key elements that represent and reflect a positive school ethos is the school’s values. This sets a benchmark for how successfully a schools vision is embedded into their community and how much the values and principles of a school really impact students.

Tips - How to Improve Attention

Here are several tips for parents to consider when selecting a school for your child:

Tips- parents to consider when selecting a school for your child1. Parents should begin by considering what environment their child will most likely succeed in. For instance, a child with Special Educational Needs need not necessarily be educated within a Special Education school, but would rather benefit through exposure in a more inclusive setting, where students with varied learning abilities are encouraged to integrate with one another.

2. Consider the learning profile of your child. Some students may require additional support, and not all schools offer that.

3. Making a list of the things you want in a school for your child, also helps to narrow down school options. For instance, some parents may prefer that their children be educated in smaller classes, which increases more personalized attention, helps to enhance a child’s strengths and improve their weaknesses. Students also have the opportunity to get to know their peers better.

At Dynamics International School, we are proud to present our two streams:



Special Education Stream

As a small school we can cater to all of your child’s needs:

  • Boutique School
  • Small Classes
  • Dual Curriculum:
    • British
    • IPC
  • Promoting Talent
  • Strong Learning Support Team
  • Personalized Program
  • Special Program Developed by
    Educational Psychologists
  • Access to our team of Specialists
  • Inclusion Program

Employee Spotlight

Educational Therapist - Sanamjit Kaur

Sanamjit Kaur
Deputy Head, Dynamics International School

Sanam is currently the Deputy Head of Dynamics International School and concurrently is also the Head of Department (HOD) for Educational Therapy. Sanam graduated from James Cook University, Australia (Singapore Campus) with her Bachelor of Psychology. Upon graduation, Sanam practiced as an Educational therapist working within the Paediatric setting. During her experience, she has worked with children with Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities and Intellectual disabilities.

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The Intensive Learning Program is catered for students from Grades 1 to 6. The 2 hours program is structured to support students based on their individual learning profiles and support for academic learning at school.

Initial Consultation
Free Initial Consultation
Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids understand that it may be a risk to book an initial consultation with any centre without being certain that it is a good fit for your family. As such we would like to remove this hurdle and offer you a free consult with our experts.

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