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Issue 92 | February 2022
Ease Children’s Transition

Maths Anxiety is characterised by feelings of tension and apprehension that can disrupt one’s performance in maths. Most children suffering from Maths Anxiety feel and believe Math Anxiety they are incapable of doing anything related to maths. These feelings can trigger a cycle of maths avoidance and low achievement, causing them to give up and lose all motivation to improve their skills.

Anxiety towards maths can develop in children as early as Kindergarten and affects nearly half of elementary school children. Various factors contribute to Maths Anxiety in children, which can include negative learning experiences.

Tips - How to Improve Attention

Tips to overcome Maths Anxiety:

  • At school, the use of untimed or ungraded tests in a separate space away from peers will reduce anxiety towards maths as well as increase the child’s confidence in their academic performance.
  • At home, create a learning environment where your child can develop a positive learning experience. Rather than placing importance on inaccuracies, highlight small successes and improvements.
  • Children with Maths Anxiety usually have low self-efficacy and confidence in their performance. It is important to resolve negative self-beliefs by speaking openly and regularly with your child about their anxiety.
  • Understanding the relevance of maths can help reduce anxiety. For instance, you can explain to your child how maths can be applied with real-life examples. It is important for children to understand what they are being asked to learn in a meaningful way. This would help motivate them to be more interested in learning maths, instead of seeing maths as a process of memorising repetitive steps, which would only heighten their anxiety.
  • Safe and Comfortable
  • Children learn best when they feel safe and comfortable. Pointing out the child’s mistakes or putting them on the spot to answer a question might increase their anxiety. Instead, give your child more time to think about their answers, encourage them to ask questions and compliment them for putting in the effort to try even if they are unable to derive the right answers.
Employee Spotlight

Yvonne Chua - Speech Therapists

Michelle Yee
Educational Therapist

Michelle completed her Bachelors of Psychology from University of Western Australia. Prior to joining Dynamics, Michelle worked as an Educational Therapist in a private practice for a couple of years. Through her working experience, she has acquired training in the United States for Lindamood Bell literacy and math programs, which aid in developing sensory-cognitive processes involved in learning efficiently.

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Therapy@Home At Your Own Convenience!
Know a child struggling in Math?
Edunamics has an individualized solution that will be customized specifically for your child.
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ABA at Dynamics
Now Launching Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
Dynamics Therapy Centre has just launched our new department for ABA. We provide ABA with a strong emphasis on relationships and ensuring your child has a positive experience. This can help him/her grow their communication and social skills while building positive behavior patterns quickly.
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School Shadow Support
School Shadow Support
Our goal is to help your child integrate seamlessly into his/her mainstream school environment and excel academically and socially at school.
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Therapy@Home At Your Own Convenience!
Therapy@Home at Your Convenience!
  • Tied up at work and and not able to attend therapy at the centre?
  • Have a busy schedule at home?
  • Your child has a challenge adjusting to new places?
We can help you with Therapy@Home. Find out how.
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Social Skills Group
Dynamics Social Skills Groups
Join our successful and fun Social Skills Groups. The groups are running on a Weekly basis, for 8 weeks in a row.
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