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Issue 97 | July 2022
Strengthening Executive Function

We have seen handwriting as one of the most common reasons for referrals to Occupational therapy. Handwriting is one of the most complex skills to learn and teach. However, the underlying skills required in handwriting have often been overlooked by many parents and teachers. The skill involves an intricate blend of sensory, visual perceptual, cognitive and motor abilities. Hence, this occupational task consists of many underlying skills that may interfere with handwriting performance.

Occupational therapists facilitate improved handwriting by using motor, postural, eye hand coordination, visual perceptual, and movement based interventions during Occupational Therapy sessions.

Tips - How to Improve Attention

Below are some general strategies that you could try to enhance your child’s handwriting skills:

  • Engage in playground or sports activities to develop the bigger muscles that are a great foundation for fine motor skills development.
  • Clutter free Table
  • Ensure that the table is clutter free and preferably facing a plain wall to reduce any visual distractions.
  • Focus on the quality first then work on the quantity of writing tasks later.
  • Break a long writing task into smaller chunks if needed.
  • Allow the child to perform challenging writing tasks in a quiet environment.
  • Ensure an upright position during writing. For good writing position, child’s feet should be on the ground with knees and hips at 90 degrees.

It is evidenced that students with handwriting challenges who receive Occupational Therapy have significantly more legible handwriting that those who do not (Case-Smith, 2002). Please do not hesitate to consult Dynamics to have a better understanding on the underlying concerns and for specific strategies to improve your child’s handwriting.

Employee Spotlight

Nanthida - Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Nanthida is a passionate Occupational Therapist who has a rich experience in working with children with various diagnoses (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Global Development Delay etc.). She has worked in different educational settings in Singapore.

Click here to get up close and personal with Nanthida!

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