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Issue 69 | February 2020
Learning Environment - Set it right

Successful handwriting requires the development of visual perceptual skills. Visual Perceptual Skills is what enables a child to look at an object, understand what it is, how it is similar to other objects, how it is different from other objects, if it is upside-down or right-side up, if a part of it is missing, how big it is, how far away it is from them, and how far away it is from other objects in the environment.

Visual Perceptual Skills can be broken up into "sub-skills" such as form constancy (being able to recognise words or letters regardless of their orientation) or position in space (writing on a line/adequate spacing between words).

Directional arrows
Graph paper
Directional arrows 
To help with direction or starting position
(e.g. for letter formation).
Graph paper
To help with word spacing and sizing (fit one letter or number into each box). Here is a useful website https://incompetech.com/graphpaper/
Darken Highlights
Alphabet strip
Darken or highlight writing lines 
For younger kids use a sky, grass, mud line guide can be useful. Hand them this and place the "Alphabet strip" (in the next illustration) on their table or on a wall as a reference to copy from.
Alphabet strip 
Place on the child's table or on a wall in front, so they can refer to this for correct letter formation.
Highlight the line
Highlight the line
Highlight the line
To encourage correct line alignment.
Paper copies
Provide the child work that is to be copied on a piece of paper to put on their desk, rather than asking them to copy it from the board.
Employee Spotlight

AHPC Registered
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Niamh obtained her BCs (Hons) degree in Occupational Therapy from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). She is a registered occupational therapist with the CORU in Ireland and AHPC in Singapore.

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Dynamics International School
We are now Open!
Dynamics International School is now open and accepting enrollment. We accept students all year round, depending on availability and space. If your child is between Reception year and Grade 2 level, call us at 61009235 or go to www.dynamics.school to find out more about the school.
Dynamics International School
Home Based Speech and Occupational Therapy
Home Based Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy Services
At Dynamics, our therapists are able to use a range of home based therapies to help your child achieve their full potential.

Eliminate clutter
Encourage the child to keep their desk clear of distractions and clutter.Eliminate Clutter

Position desk away from distractions
Sit the child’s desk in an area closer to the front to avoid the distractions of other students.

Eliminate visual distractions
Remove as much of the visually stimulating classroom wall decorations as possible, especially near the child’s desk.

Keep worksheets clear and simple
Avoid unnecessary decorations (e.g. place only one activity on a page, remove pretty borders on worksheets).

Outline boundaries
Use a red marker to outline the boundaries for colouring, mazes or cutting tasks.

Break visual activities into small steps
When working on puzzles present one piece at a time and cover unneeded pieces of the puzzle.

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