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Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids
Issue 63 | July 2019
Child's Healthy Media Diet

It is never too early to start reading to children! The more you read to your children, the more knowledge they absorb. Sensory or Behaviour

There have been many studies that show that reading to a baby as young as 6 months old has been found to result in stronger vocabularies and better early literacy skills. Reading aloud to a child for as little as 20 minutes a day has been found to lead to long term benefits. Additionally, it is an easy way to help language skills in children who speak more than one language. Reading to your child everyday will also help increase concentration and help them sit for longer periods of time, which can help later on when they go to school.

Dynamics International School is now accepting enrollment for its 1st intake. We are a unique private school for children between Reception year and Grade 2 level, who require academic support or simply benefit from a different type of instruction. We offer small class sizes and specialise in teaching students with any form of learning delay by ensuring our programs match our students' academic levels. Learning is a positive experience and students achieve significant academic gains and increased self-confidence in our school.

Furthermore, our school includes special education and certified teachers who are at hand to support for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy as well as Psychologists with whatever concerns presented.

Call us at 61009235 or go to www.dynamics.school to find out more about our school.
Home Based Speech and Occupational Therapy
Home Based Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy Services
At Dynamics, our therapists are able to use a range of home based therapies to help your child achieve their full potential.
Employee Spotlight

Rhodante Evelyn Rhodante Evelyn
Speech Therapist
BSc in Speech & Language Therapy, Ireland

Rhodante is a registered Speech and Language therapist with the Allied Health Professional Council in Singapore. She obtained her Bachelors of Speech and language therapy from the University College Cork in Ireland.

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Tips to remember when you read aloud with your child:


1. Show them the cover page before you start
Your child can sit in your lap and hold the book. Talk to them about what the story may be about before you start.

2. Show them the words
While reading the book run your finger along the words.

3. Make the story come alive
Create special voices for the characters and use body movement to make it fun and interesting for them.

4. Ask questions about the story and let them ask questions too
You can ask about what is happening in the story and what might happen next.

5. Make books part of your daily routine
There are lots of places you and your child can enjoy reading a book together: on the bus or MRT, while waiting at the doctor’s office, during nap time, at bath time or before bed.

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We have a large team of speech and language therapists, occupational therapists,
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You can be assured that at Dynamics you only get the best, from the best!

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