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Issue 53 | September 2018
Practicing Mindfulness
As the school year progresses and demands for writing goes up, you might notice your child getting fatigued when writing. There are many causes for a decline in the quality of handwriting, but doing some warm up exercises for the hands and upper limbs before writing can help you child sustain writing for longer periods. It is always advisable to seek the advice of a qualified Occupational Therapist if you notice that your child has an aversion to handwriting. However, here are some ideas for warming up the hands and arms before writing. Happy writing!
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Join us for 3 exciting weeks of explorative experiments, fun fact-finding, evidence-based enquiring and purely having fun learning with Elena, Ivan & Poppy in the wonderful world of Science!
Quick Tips
    Playing with Rubiks Cubev
  1. Even for young children, set aside 10 ā€“ 15 mins a day to do nothing. Just sit or lie down and be aware of breathing. If this is difficult, using a sand timer and watching the sand run down can be very soothing.
  2. When you notice your child getting stressed and frustrated, take a moment to ask him or her to become aware and verbalize what she or he is feeling.
  3. Encourage journaling or free drawing daily, even for younger children. This helps your child get their thoughts down on paper.
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