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Issue 54 | October 2018
Improve Handwriting Skills
As the school year progresses and demands for writing goes up, you might notice your child getting fatigued when writing. There are many causes for a decline in the quality of handwriting, but doing some warm up exercises for the hands and upper limbs before writing can help your child sustain writing for longer periods. It is always advisable to seek the advice of a qualified Occupational Therapist if you notice that your child has an aversion to handwriting. However, here are some ideas for warming up the hands and arms before writing.

Happy writing!

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Quick Tips
Hand warm ups for writing
Shoulder Shrugs 
Shoulder warm up activities prepare the arms for writing and may help to release tension in the neck and shoulder.
  • Shrug your shoulders up and down 10 times "lift your shoulders to touch your ears and then push them back down"
  • Shrug your shoulder front to back 10 times.
Shoulder Shrug
Crocodile Movement/Snaps
Raise your arms in the air with one above the other. Then snap your hands together like a crocodile snapping its jaw. Take turns having the left and right arm above each other for this activity.
Crocodile Movement/Snaps
Air Traffic Controller
Start with your elbows bent and your hands in a fist in front of each shoulder. Then straighten your elbows, moving one arm out from the body and the other arm to the side of your body. Alternate arms back and forth. This is also a good activity for midline crossing!
Air Traffic Controller
Begin with your arms straightened in front of your body. Like your thumbs together to make an "X" and turn your hands facing you. Wiggle your fingers like butterfly wings, moving your arms up and down in the process.
Put On Imaginary Gloves
Pull on your "gloves" by applying firm pressure to the fingers and back of each hand. This provides proprioceptive and tactile feedback, and prepares the muscles for movement.
Put on imaginary gloves
Finger Push-Ups
Place the tips of your fingers together and straighten the fingers while pushing the finger tips against each other.
Finger Push-ups
Pencil Twirls
Get your pencils out and start to twirl them in the air like a baton, spinning them both horizontally and vertically in the air. This combines some shoulder and finger exercises together.
Pencil Twirls
Hold the pencil with an appropriate grasp like the tripod or quadruped grasp. Move your fingers along the pencil from tip to tip, starting at the bottom and working towards the top. Then back down to the bottom of the pencil. Make sure you are only using your writing hand for this one, do not help out with the opposite hand.
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