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Issue 49 | May 2018
Fine Motor Skills

Social skills are vital for emotional, physical, and mental well being of humans. Social skills is not just about the ability to make friends easily. It is also about being able to understand the perspective of others, to judge social situations quickly based on clues, and to select a response that is appropriate to each situation.

There are many foundation skills that must be in place for the demands of daily social situations. Some children struggle with being able to pay attention to their environment and with being aware of what is going on; other children struggle with understanding that there are different views and perspectives other than their own. Besides these, children may also struggle with judging appropriate distances in social situations.

Events and Happenings
School Holiday Camp 2018
School Holiday Camp 2018
This is a great time to rest and relax after working hard for the past few months. The mid year break is also a good time to review and build up skills that are needed for the second half of the school year.
Dynamics Toddlers Program (DTP)
Dynamics Toddlers Program (DTP)
Our program is designed to prepare the toddlers for playgroup setting and addresses the developmental needs of the child individually.
Superheroes Assemble
EIP School Holiday Program!
Join us for 8 exciting days of Art and Craft, Music, Drama, Language Arts, Social Interaction and Communication, Imaginative Play and Enjoyable Interactive Positive fun!
Quick Tips

Three ways that you can help your child develop certain aspects of social skills are:

Owl Tips

1.Talk about what is going on in different environments - for example, in a food court, ask your child what he or she can observe

2. Discuss what others might be thinking or feeling - use a photograph and ask your child what each person in the photo is thinking, or feeling

3. Use contextual clues to guess what is going on - e.g. look at a photo, and see if your child can tell if it is a birthday, a theme park, a play, and how he or she can guess so

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