Centre Based Therapy

Therapy at our centre is unique as each of our therapist has a dedicated therapy room, we have a lot of resources:

  • Assessment Tools (for initial assessment, progress re-assessment, ongoing assessment)
  • Games – our centre many has cabinets full of games for different age groups, different ability levels and to promote different skills starting with baby toys, matching games, puzzles, Executive Functioning games that work on: strategy, planning, problem solving, speed of processing, and working memory. We have games for single player, two players and group players to cater to different needs.
  • Workbooks and worksheets – at the centre we have cabinets full of resources to work on different skills such as handwriting, language, articulation, academics, emotional regulation etc.
  • Facilities – we have individual therapy rooms that can provide the privacy, confidentiality and quite space for optimal therapy sessions. For our Occupational Therapy clients, we have 2 sensory gyms which are stocked and equipped with:

Suspended equipment

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Dynamics Centre Gym
  • Swings (for sitting, standing or lying down)
    • Platform swing
    • Flexion swing
    • Glider swing
    • Tire swing
    • Barrel swing
  • Hammocks
    • Layered hammock
    • Single point hanging
    • Double point suspension hammock
  • Trapeze
  • Bungee ropes
  • Climbing nets
  • Rope ladders
Gym equipment
Gym equipment

Other gym equipment

  • Loft and slides
  • Trampolines
  • Therapy balls in different sizes
  • Peanut balls in different sizes
  • Scooters
  • Balance beams
  • Balance boards
  • Ball pool
  • Bean bags

Sensory room

The advantages for centre-based therapy are:

  • Access to facilities
  • Access to resources
  • The client can take part in the planning of certain activities and to choose resources to use in their session
  • Motivation
  • If a child needs more than one service, it can be scheduled back to back

Our centre is child, parent and adult friendly and we make sure that the customer experience at our centre is positive and enriching for all our cleints.

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