Speech Therapists

Anika Burrowes

Anika Burrowes

AHPC Registered
MSc in Speech & Language Sciences
United Kingdom

Anika is a Speech and Language Therapist from the UK. She has completed a postgraduate degree in Speech and Language Sciences at University College London, and an undergraduate degree in Language, Literacy and Communication at The University of Manchester, UK. She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council in the UK and the Allied Healthcare Professions Council in Singapore.

Anika has experience working with children of pre-school and school age with a wide range of communication needs including speech sound difficulties, language difficulties and social communication needs. These children are often from bilingual or multilingual backgrounds. She has worked with children with complex needs also, including developmental delay, autism, deafness and Down’s Syndrome. She has provided assessment and intervention in clinics, schools and across teletherapy platforms.

Anika is enthusiastic about involving parents or care-givers in therapy, as this maximises the potential for a child to use newly acquired skills outside of therapy. She is experienced in delivering therapies which help parents develop their child’s early play and communication skills, including Parent-Child Interaction therapy and Intensive Interaction therapy. She is able to work collaboratively with educational professionals to ensure children are able to get the most from both their learning environment and interaction with their peers. Anika is always looking for new and innovative ideas for therapy sessions, as children are more likely to learn when they are having fun.