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Yvonne Chua

Yvonne Chua

MSc Psychology
BSc Psychology
English, Mandarin

Yvonne has been working with the Autism population since 2005 during her internship of her last semester, back in the USA, while undergoing her BSc. in Psychology in Michigan. Upon graduating, she moved to Massachusetts and worked at Melmark New England in both the school and boarding home setting. Utilizing ABA techniques, she taught school aged children up to 20 years of age, functional living skills, as well as, behavior management. Yvonne also experienced working in the elementary Public Schools where she had to develop IEP’s and behavior modification strategies for her cases. Within this span of time, she was exposed to and worked with a wide spectrum of children with Autism. In 2008, she decided to further her education and graduated in 2010 with a MSc. in Psychology (clinical setting). She returned to Singapore and continued to pursue her career in this field. She is also professionally certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), received certification for Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), member of Psi Chi, and, Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

Yvonne has been fascinated with Autism from the first time she was exposed to this population back in 2005. Albeit, she was at first apprehensive during her first couple of weeks of her internship, as time passed, she realized she began to develop a deep passion for this field of psychology. From then, this passion has only spurred her on with a fiery yearning to work with children on the spectrum, and face the challenges head on.

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