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Nellyn Tan

Nellyn Tan

BA in Psychology
English, Mandarin

Nellyn (also known as Lynn) graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelors of Arts, majoring in Psychology. Since then, she has dedicated her career to children, and has been working with young children with additional needs for the past eight years.

Nellyn specializes in using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) methods to help such children with additional needs flourish and grow in whatever environments they might be in. In the past eight years, Nellyn has worked with children with autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Down Syndrome, speech delays, and behavioural issues both in group and individual settings. As a leader of a team of therapists, she believes that every child has the right to the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment and strives to provide this for all the children that her team has worked with thus far.

Nellyn strongly believes that every child with special needs deserves a chance at integration in the mainstream environment, and works with others to achieve this. To her, the biggest reward in her career is watching a child develop into an individual who is involved in society and the world around them.