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Ian John Evangelista

Ian John Evangelista

Behaviour Therapist
BSc in Occupational Therapy

Ian John has been a seasoned therapist worldwide for special needs for almost 15 years (USA, Singapore, Philippines, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia and Indonesia).

Ian has thought in various states in America (Los Angeles, DC, Maryland and Florida) for 3 years. He is known to be dedicated and passionate in his work. He designs the rooms and homes of the children that are conducive to learning and suited to their needs as an ABA Therapist. He had served international students. He is a therapist, teacher, behaviorist and a shadow teacher. He became a developmental interventionist in Los Angeles California, assigned to different states; did both floor time and ABA therapy. He received multiple awards in his profession “best circle master”, most punctual employee and leadership to name some.

Ian is definitely your parenting partner, as he is also a father. He gives advice to parents and trained them too and their caregivers i principles of ABA. He was trained by well-known psychologist and behaviorist Dr. Ronald Leaf in Singapore in dealing with both child and adult with Autism. He was hired by Ms Danakae to join her team in Santa Monica, California. Her team is composed of talented and best Teachers/Therapists in the County of Los Angeles, CA.

When he was studying University, he was awarded “Intern of the year“ for Psychiatric Geriatric Department too.