Psycho-Educational Assessment

Our team of Educational Psychologists specialize in educational and diagnostic assessments. We have a wide range of tests that provide variety of skills testing.

We have the most updated Tests and Assessment Tools with the latest editions.


The following assessments apply to students aged 3–18 years.

A student could be assessed in the following areas:

Psychometric assessment can be viewed as a snap shot of an individual. In order to complete this task, a range of psychometric tests are used. To gain the fullest picture possible, information would be requested from:

To increase the clarity of the snap shot, information is gathered using self report measures (traditional style questionnaires) and semi-structured interviews.

All assessments are provided with a written report for Parents and where appropriate School staff. Reports are typically completed within 2 weeks of receiving information from all sources. A time is made to discuss the report, its implications and strategies for both Parents and School staff. The goal being to increase Parental and School understanding, and effective engagement of a student.