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Issue 41 | September 2017
Feeding Skills
Feeding Kids Feeding skills are vital to ensure that the child is receiving adequate nutrition for his or her development. Eating and drinking are also key tasks that we perform daily in every setting (e.g. home, school) and can affect how we interact with others and our environment.

In feeding therapy, trained therapists may use behaviour modification and/or the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach. The SOS approach is a play-based method that helps problem eaters develop a positive relationship with food. It aims to gradually reduce food aversion and expand the variety of foods eaten.
Events and Happenings
Handling the demands of transitioning from Pre-school to Primary/Elementary School
Handling the demands of transitioning from
Pre-school to Primary/Elementary School
The journey from being a preschooler to a primary/
elementary student can be regarded as one of the most extravagant ‘culture shocks’ for a child.
Tuesday, 12 September 2017
7.15pm to 8.15pm
Forum Shopping Centre
The Importance of Posture
Camp Ready
Camp Ready
Our Camp-Ready! prepares children for the demands of mainstream primary schooling.
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School Readiness Assessment
School Readiness Assessment
The School Readiness Assessment aims to evaluate a child’s ability to successfully meet the demands of formal education.
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Holiday Camps 2017
Conducting Enrichment Programs in both Local and International Schools
We are able to customize a program for your students focusing on Handwriting or Social skills as either a CCA or an Enrichment Program.
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Know a child struggling in Math?
Know a child struggling in Math?
Are these challenges faced by your child?
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Quick Tips
Here are some general feeding strategies that you can try at home to make meal times more enjoyable!
  1. Routine. Establish a mealtime routine in your home. Routines help your child to anticipate what is coming up next and helps to reduce anxiety around the activity.
  2. Interact. Mealtimes are a great opportunity for the family to bond and to interact with one another. So instead of watching television or switching on the iPad, talk to your child while he or she is eating. You can talk about what he or she is doing in the day, or how you prepared the food.
  3. Try again. Children often need at least 10 exposures to a new food before they will accept it into their diet. So don’t be dismayed when they refuse the first few times, continue trying and persisting.
  4. Owl Tips
  5. Involve them. As much as possible and where it is safe, involve them in the food shopping and cooking process. This helps them to know more about their food and create more opportunities to interact with it outside a mealtime setting.
  6. Praise good eating behaviours and be specific in your praise (e.g. I love how you tried a new food today!).
  7. Eat with your child at the same table. This will allow him or her to be exposed to a larger variety of foods. This is also a good time for you to model appropriate mealtime behaviour (e.g. not playing with our utensils, not throwing food on the floor). Besides, eating with you is more fun!
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