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Issue 42 | October 2017
Feeding Skills
At an early age, children should be encouraged to develop early maths skills throughout their daily routine and activities. Working with your child at home can be made easy, and more importantly provides opportunities for them to generalise early skills to practical day to day activities. Starting your child early will help them to be better prepared for school and will improve thinking skills for greater academic success.

At Edunamics, our Therapists are expert at helping children to understand the basic concepts of Math and how to apply them to problem solving in school and in real life situations. But there is a lot that parents can do to support these skills and encourage the child to generalise the concepts into every day activities.

We have given some useful tips below that can be used at home.
Events and Happenings
Camp Ready
Camp Ready
Our Camp-Ready! prepares children for the demands of mainstream primary schooling.
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School Readiness Assessment
School Readiness Assessment
The School Readiness Assessment aims to evaluate a child’s ability to successfully meet the demands of formal education.
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Holiday Camps 2017
Conducting Enrichment Programs in both Local and International Schools
We are able to customize a program for your students focusing on Handwriting or Social skills as either a CCA or an Enrichment Program.
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Know a child struggling in Math?
Know a child struggling in Math?
Are these challenges faced by your child?
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Quick Tips
Some tips when working with your child at home include the following:
  1. Go on shape or number hunts through your home.
    For example, you can point out that the clock is a circle and the door is a rectangle. Help your child discover about the importance of numbers in daily life by discussing how we use the numbers on a telephone, clock, or elevator.
  2. Count and compare numbers together.
    Practice counting a variety of objects with your child, from the number of spoons needed to help set the table, to the number of steps it takes to walk to the living room. You can also extend this to comparing who has more or fewer cookies during snack time and how the more you eat, the less you have left!Owl Tips
  3. Explore the space around us.
    Use key preposition words to suggest the spatial relationship of objects around the house. Point to the clock that is hung high up "on" the wall, or how we set up dinner by arranging the spoons "next to" the plates, and put the dirty dishes "in" the sink when we are done.So have a go at creating your own math games and help your child to discover that math can be fun and is all around us!
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Creative Play Therapy
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Education Made Fun! Click here to our apps at http://www.dynamics.com.sg/apps
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