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Issue 35 | March 2017
Fostering Early Reading Skills
Children who have multiple opportunities to talk and listen become familiar with the sounds, rhymes, vocabulary and grammatical structures of a language. Phonological skills need to develop before reading is taught, so that children understand the relationship between spoken sounds and printed letters.

Children who are read to regularly discover that letters combine to form words, words put together make stories, and stories can be read again and again.

Children also learn that reading (English) happens from left to right, and starts at the top of the page. Listening to stories increases knowledge of vocabulary and syntax, which in turn helps with reading - words already in a child’s vocabulary are more easily read and remembered.
Events and Happenings
Learn the Tips to Build Pre-reading Skills and Competencies for Infants and Young Children
Learn the Tips to Build Pre-reading Skills and Competencies for Infants and Young Children
Tuesday, 7th March 2017
Have you always wondered why someone goes to see a speech and language therapist?
Do you think your child or student could benefit from seeing a speech and language therapist but need more information?
Learn the Tips to Build Pre-reading Skills and Competencies for Infants and Young Children
Dynamics Socio-Emotional Skills Group
Dynamics Socio-Emotional Skills Group
Dynamics Psychological Practice is offering a program of 8-week socio-emotional skills group for preadolescents (10-15 years old) with high functioning autism spectrum disorders (previously known as Asperger’s Disorder), social communication disorder and children who struggle socially.
Dynamics Socio-Emotional Skills Group
8-Week Feeding Programme
8-week Feeding Program
Our 8-week feeding programme is specially designed to help picky eates explore new foods and expand their current diets. Trained therapists will use behaviour modification and the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach in treatment to address food aversion, increase the variety of foods eaten and also meet oro-motor needs.
8-Week Feeding Programme
Quick Tips
    Owl Tips
  1. Use nursery rhymes, songs, and games like ‘I Spy’ to develop oral awareness of sounds and rhymes before teaching written letters or words.
  2. Engage in meaningful conversation with your child.
  3. Read with your child every day. Talk about the story, the pictures, and what the words mean. Let your child help choose the book, and make reading an enjoyable shared experience!
Kid's Club
As the Dynamics Kids Club member, you get to enjoy privileges across various partners listed here.
Dynamics Kids Club was launched in November 2014. This annual membership programme can be obtained at the beginning of each year after purchasing a therapy package with Dynamics.
Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre Singapore
Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre
20% off the first consultation.
For more information, visit www.osteopathy-podiatry.com
Mint Museum of Toys
Door of Hope Dolls: Story of Hope

March 1st - 31st
9:30 pm - 6:30 pm
26 Seah Street Singapore 188382
For more information, visit www.emint.com or our facebook page.
Dynamics Apps

Dynamics Therapy Centre has created apps for the iPad. The apps created include


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Education Made Fun! Click here to our apps at http://www.dynamics.com.sg/apps
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