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Issue 38 | June 2017
Enrich Learning and Communication skills through Occupational Therapy
Starting primary/elementary school can be a challenging time for both parents and child. The transition from a more play-oriented environment to a more formal one will demand a higher level of academic independence, physical development, self-regulation, and social-emotional maturity from a child.
Children will be expected to learn more and work harder as they adapt to the rigors of the new curriculum. The smaller teacher to student ratio will also mean less individual attention than previously. Children will be expected to follow rules and be more independent in handling self-care and regulating their behaviours. The larger physical environment will also make it harder for children to find their way around and further complicate the social environment for the child.
Why is the success of the transition important?
Children are greatly influenced by their school experiences and positive early school experiences will be pivotal to long term positive school outcomes. Children who struggle long-term with transitions are at risk of developing negative attitudes to school, becoming passive learners, and developing anxiety and insecurity in the new setting.
Events and Happenings
Handling the demands of transitioning from Pre-school to Primary/Elementary School
Handling the demands of transitioning from
Pre-school to Primary/Elementary School
The journey from being a preschooler to a primary/
elementary student can be regarded as one of the most extravagant ‘culture shocks’ for a child.
Thursday, 8 June 2017
7.15pm to 8.15pm
Forum Shopping Centre
The Importance of Posture
EIP School Holiday
Sensory Motor Summer Camp
Help your child improve their motor skills and sensory processing skills.
Mon-Sat, 19-24 June 2017
10.00am to 11.00am
Forum Shopping Centre
EIP School Holiday Program
Holiday Camps 2017
Holiday Camps 2017
This Summer/June holidays, come join the Handwriting and/or Social Skills Camp where you will learn invaluable skills in a fun and exciting manner.
Holiday Camps 2017
EIP School Holiday
EIP School Holiday Program!
Join us for 2 exciting weeks of Art & Craft, Music, Drama, Language Arts, Social Interaction & Communication, Imaginative Play and Enjoyable Interactive Positive fun!
EIP School Holiday Program
Quick Tips
Tips to ensure that your child feels assured, prepared and excited for the new school year:
  1. Be positive and confident as a parent. Children often take cues from their parents and then form their own expectations based on it. It is important to believe and show that you trust that your child will transition successfully.
  2. Owl Tips
  3. Talk about your child's school with them and familiarise them with the school environment. Discuss any concerns or questions they might have about the new school.
  4. Develop your child's social competence by creating opportunities for play and interaction with other children outside of school. Increased exposure will allow them to learn and practice the necessary social skills that will be important to making and keeping friends.
  5. Ask your child's kinder teacher if there are areas that you could work on to increase your child's school readiness. If you are concerned that your child will not be ready for this next stage, you may like to consult with a Psychologist to discuss further.
Kid's Club
As the Dynamics Kids Club member, you get to enjoy privileges across various partners listed here.
Dynamics Kids Club was launched in November 2014. This annual membership programme can be obtained at the beginning of each year after purchasing a therapy package with Dynamics.
Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre Singapore - Grace Yap
Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre
50% off - First consultation for the month of June by Grace Yap. Grace is able to focus on posture/scoliosis assessment and core stability and is also doubly qualified as a Pilates instructor.
For more information, visit www.osteopathy-podiatry.com
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