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Issue 39 | July 2017
Parenting Stress: Recognizing the Signs
Being a parent is a fulfilling yet stressful role. Stress can often arises from parents' expectations of their child and of their own competence as a parent. Recognising parenting stress will improve parenting abilities as you are then in a better frame of mind to attend and respond to the needs of your child, and build stronger parent-child bonds. Parenting stress is often exacerbated by failure to recognise signs. Be on a lookout for stress symptoms!
Some signs include:
  • Mood swings, unable to relax or consistently feeling agitated, anxious, worried or overwhelmed
  • Distraction - inability to concentrate or make decisions
  • Short temper, frustration, aggression
  • Physical symptoms such as aches, pains, rashes, nausea, dizziness, recurring colds or flu , pessimistic outlook on life, constantly feeling down
  • Poor sleep, constant tiredness
  • Relationship or employment problems
Quick Tips
Tips to overcome or reduce parenting stress:
  1. Breathe in, breathe out - Take 10 minutes before you start your day, sit with eyes closed and let your body relax. Plug in calming music or listen to nature, live in the moment! Forget about projecting forward or thinking back, that will rob you of all enjoyment of what you're currently doing.
  2. Owl Tips
  3. Enjoy your kids, not just raise them - Prioritise weekly family time and/or 1-1 time outside of homework, tuition, revision and mock exam papers! Engage in any activity, long or short, but DO NOT talk about academics or problem behaviours.
  4. Technology-free time - if technology is ruling your life, experiment with downtimes for emails, texts and social media platforms. Read a book, knit a sweater or simply spend quality time with your child.
  5. Parents as a team, always have back up - Keep communication lines open. Talk to your partner discussing what each of you want and what you each expect. Work on nurturing and developing relationships that are mutually supportive, empathetic and encouraging.
Kid's Club
As the Dynamics Kids Club member, you get to enjoy privileges across various partners listed here.
Dynamics Kids Club was launched in November 2014. This annual membership programme can be obtained at the beginning of each year after purchasing a therapy package with Dynamics.
Core Fitness
July Promotion Offer
Introduction Offer for Sport Massage therapy at Core Fitness.
60 min treatment @ $105 (usual $120)
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Dynamics Therapy Centre has created apps for the iPad. The apps created include


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Education Made Fun! Click here to our apps at http://www.dynamics.com.sg/apps
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