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Issue 44 | December 2017
Merry Christmas
Skin Problems Title

Children and adolescents can be affected by skin conditions as it can impact their lives considerably (low self confidence, teasing in school, feeling embarrassed by their appearance, difficulties complying to medical treatment etc).

A new approach called Psychodermatology can help your child learn to control his/her levels of stress in order
Skin Problems to help the skin condition by understanding and reducing
psychological stressors.

This approach will help with:

  • Acceptance of the diagnosis for skin conditions (i.e. eczema, psoriasis etc.)
  • Compliance with treatment (creams, medications)
  • Psychosocial issues (i.e. school teasing, bullying)
  • Improve quality of life
  • Impact on self esteem (poor body image, negative self perception)
  • Emotional well being (anger, sadness, frustration etc)
Promotion of the Month
Earn $50
Earn $50 credit for every new client you recommend to use our services.
Terms & conditions:
  • Each credit will be given through a voucher, only after the new client has booked and attended the initial assessment.
  • Each voucher can only be used for one payment transaction.
  • This is valid for existing clients throughout year 2018.
  • Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids has the right to change the T&C without prior notice.
Earn $50
Enjoy 20% discount on our Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy sessions at 6pm for the New Clients. Contact us 6100 9235 or approach our friendly staff to find out more!
Terms & conditions:
  • While stocks last.
  • Applicable for new clients who will be assessed after 1st November 2017.
  • Valid for the purchase of the 1st package only.
  • Applicable only for Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy, not applicable for other promotions or services.
  • This promotion is only for weekdays therapy sessions, and sessions will be offered on availability of therapists.
  • This promotion is only for 6pm slots (if the time is changes to another time of the day this discount will not apply for that session). If the client changes a time slot which is not 6pm these fees will no longer be valid and the company may require to top up the different for the remaining sessions.
  • Dynamics Therapy Center for Kids Pte Ltd reserves the right to change the terms of this promotion at any time without prior notice.
Quick Tips
We hope to see you at one or both of our camps this year! In the meantime, here are some ways you can help the development of your child’s social skills and handwriting skills at home.
  1. Focus on positive qualities of child
    To boost their self esteem (yes, he/she has a skin condition but he/she is very good at studies, football, art, video games etc.) It is important to tell a child: “believe in yourself! You are the hardest judge of your own skin: it is hijacking your life! You are A LOT MORE than your skin condition.” Owl Tips
  2. Encourage your child to tell people how they feel:
    They can talk to a psychologist, friends or parents!! You can tell them “Don’t suffer in silence, explain how you feel to your family and friends and tell them you’re suffering and need some help, a chat or even just a cuddle. If your friends don’t understand, then they’re not worth bothering with. Don’t settle for pain, suffering and isolation. Fight for your health so you can get on with life. True friends really don’t care about your eczema; you might even want to confide to them so they can understand what you are going through”.
  3. Keep moisturized!
    Once the skin is dry it’s so much easier for eczema to get worse and much deeper into the skin. It’s not just on the surface. It is important to talk to your Dermatologist to have a good knowledge of your medical condition (type of eczema, severity etc.) Importance to put on creams regularly to help skin hydrate and recover (children can participate in this).
  4. For children: Stay positive and keep smiling
    It is not easy in the face of an attack on your skin. Eczema is pretty horrible but if you are not positive, it won’t get better as fast. Imagine your skin healthy, smooth and fresh. Wish hard enough to boost positivism. Parents can focus on positive qualities of a child to boost their self esteem (yes, he/she has a skin condition but he/she is very good at studies, football, art, video games etc.)
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